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American Flags Stars and Stripes

Product code: 9448

Genuine cotton American USA flags in lots of sizes and condition.


We have a wide variety of flags in stock from the small pennant on a stick to a flag which would cover an entire wall.  The most popular sizes being 5 feet x 3 feet and 9 feet x 5 feet. We have cotton flags with printed stars, applied stars and woven stars.

January 6, 1912 New Mexico became the 47th state and on February 14, 1912 Arizona became the 48th state in the Union. The 49th State of Alaska was added on 3 January 1959 and Hawaii—a U.S. territory since 1898—became the 50th state in August, 1959.

So a 48 star flag is pre 1959 and a 50 star is post 1960.