Vintage Industrial Trash Waste Rag Can Red Round

Product code: 8844/F340/300

Large Vintage rag drum with some paint remaining.  Lid present and opens with the foot peddle. Antique metal waste can with secure lid for safety.

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Underwriters Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1894 by William Henry Merrill.   25-year-old Merrill was sent by underwriters issuing fire insurance to assess risk, and investigate the World Fair’s Palace of Electricity in Chicago. After he had completed his risk assessments he stayed on to found the Underwriters Laboratories.  In 1905, UL established a Label Service for certain product categories that require more frequent inspections. In 1906, UL introduced the UL Mark to indicate products that had passed their testing.[

Underwriters Laboratories is the largest and oldest independent testing laboratory in the United States. Underwriters Laboratories tests the latest products and technologies for safety before they are marketed around the world.

This can is Vintage and well used.  Most paint loss to the lid of the drum.  These were common in garages, laboratories and factories.  Used to keep oily rags or chemical wipes and waste safely in one place with a tight and secure fitting lid.

This has the metal label “Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Inspected Waste Can ” and the patent number.

Product code:  8844/F340