Silvertone Revelation Record Player SPll Portable

Product code: 30794/160

Silvertone Revelation Portable record player,  Classic ’60’s teenage must have bedroom item.

Dimensions:  36 cms L x 28 cms W x 12 cms H

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Building a mood board of Record Players?


Sivertone were a luggage/case manufacturer with a very good reputation. They made the cases for these and got a sub-contracted workshop/electronics line, to install the internals. They ususally used a 2 stage amp and sounded good – made around 1962/63.

This one was hardly, if at all, used.  Still has it’s original box and rubber holder for the cable. Lovely handle with the name in it. 4 speeds 16  33  45  78

Only minor damage is a tiny bit of the silver strip on the outside has become unglued.


Product Code:  30794