Edison Ediphone & Transcription Machine

Product code: 40644/F148

Circa 1930’s American dictating and voice recording machine. Great prop for authentic office scenes.

Dimensions: 72 h x 28 d x   /  shaver machine: 80 h x 39 w x 32 d cm

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Vintage Edison Ediphone Dictating Machine and Transcription machine (Space for 9 wax cylinders)

Circa 1920 office machines were all he rage and there was lots of competition, after research we found this out about ours Edison machines:

“The complete dictating machine equipment involves four units: first, the dictating machine which receives the message from the dictator and inscribes it on a cylinder; second, the wax cylinders on which the messages are recorded; third, the transcribing machine which reproduces into the ear of the typist the words inscribed on the cylinders by the dictating machine; and finally, the shaving machine which shaves or scrapes the record of former dictation from the wax cylinders and gives them a smooth surface so that they can be used again.”

Each cylinder held approximately 1,000-1,200 words and could be reused up to 100-130 times.

Good vintage condition with some surface rust and wear on enamel.

Important note; Not tested All Electrical goods are sold as seen and will need to be re wired to comply with regulations in the intended country of use.

Product code: 40644