American Street Food Cart or Hot Dog Cart

Product code: 9085/Y/5000

American Hot Dog Cart or Street Vending Cart.

total dimensions: 120 x 120 cm
Total length including handle and trailer part 210 cm
Total unit height: 135 cm
Umbrella diameter 180 cm Total height when in place about 220 cm

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Classic Street furniture item for an American street scene. This is an American hot dog cart but can also be dressed to look like other street foods such as an American Bagel Cart.

This type is one of two carts we have available and designed as a trailer with all trailer parts complete. The cart is hire as NONE WORKING with internal gas pipes and water tank removed. Aesthetically though from the outside it looks exactly the same. It also comes complete with an Original American Gas Bottle (empty) for the full authentic look.

Product Code: 9085/Y