Original American Aerial Fire Truck

Product code: 9166/5000

One of kind for the UK, American Fire Truck with 100′ ladder extension. 1999 KME 100′ Aerialcat Ladder in perfect condition. This truck was in service with a NY State fire department until January 2021 so it has all certifications for the ladder and is in fully working condition. Supplied with ladder and two hoses. Additional Hoses can be hired separately if more are required.

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1999 KME 100′ Aerialcat Ladder used to pump thousands of gallons of water at a rapid rate and with the 100′ ladder these trucks are used for high rise buildings or reaching other high areas.

This is the ONLY truck of it’s kind in the UK available for hire. We also have a regular KME Pumper Fire Truck for hire to complete the full scene.

Dimensions: Height: 3.50 Metres

Width: 2.78 Metres

Length: 12.13 Metres

Weight: 33.33 tones

KME and the Kovatch Organization are global leaders in the supply of customized specialty trucks and vehicles. KME Trucks are commonly used throughout the United States by all fire departments.

Product Code: 9166