Bowling Ball, Bag and Shoes

Product code: 30947/150

Set of ten pin bowling equipment which includes the case and contains the ball and shoes.

Dimensions: bag 17 cms H x 19 cms D x 33 cms W

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American ten pin bowling ball in a case with the shoes.  The ball is a black VIP 300 made in the USA C21457  It comes in a bowling bag with a pair of tan  leather bowling shoes which show little sign of use.  The shoe leather is very soft but on one shoe a section of the stitching has come undone. The case has the holders to place each shoe, one at each side and he ball in the centre.  Good visual piece.

Rubber balls (introduced in 1905) were eventually supplanted by polyester (“plastic”) balls in1959 and polyurethane balls in the 1980’s  Coverstocks (surfaces) of bowling balls then evolved to increase the hook-enhancing friction between ball and lane: reactive resin balls arrived in the early 1990s, and particle-enhanced resin balls in the late 1990s.


Product code: 30947