Vintage Toledo Shop Weighing Scales

Product code: 8529/G116/1900

American Toledo Store Scale with glass plate.

Dimensions: 42cm W x 77cm H x 46cm D

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Vintage American The Computing Scale Commercial Shop Scale

This is a large counter top shop scale with a glass shelf or weighing table from the early part of the 20th Century. The computing scale is a weighing machine that indicates both weight and the proper selling price for that weight. This one is in original used  condition. This version has the scroll top and is more decorative than the barrel scale version.

The story of Toledo Scale began when Henry Theobald was fired from the National Cash Register Company for instituting changes in the production system that he believed would decrease costs and improve the product. He decided to start his own business, solicited investors, and bought the DeVilbiss Computing Scale Company from Allen DeVilbiss Jr. of Toledo, Ohio USA around 1900. DeVilbiss had invented and patented a pendulum type scale that used actual weight (gravity), as a counterbalance rather than spring tension. The pendulum scale was superior because spring tension would change with temperature and wear, while gravity would not. Theobald’s goal was to offer grocers devices with which they could obtain exact measurements, because accuracy in weight in the retail environment meant happier customers and higher profits.  Henry Theobald founded Toledo Scale in 1901, and coined the phrase, “No Springs, Honest Weight” as a slogan for the new company.

Product Code: 8529/G116