American Shop Display Stand

Product code: 2104597/F/300

American shop display stand.

Dimensions: 42cm W x 29.5cm D x 68cm H

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American Sara Lee Shop Display Stand

Three tier, red wire, grocery store display stand. Sara Lee is an American food brand specialising in baked goods and desserts.  While the company traced its lineage to 1939, when Nathan Cummings acquired C. D. Kenny Company, a wholesale distributor of sugar, coffee, and tea in Baltimore, the Sara Lee Corporation was actually the descendant of a Chicago grocery store called Sprague, Warner & Company. This enterprise, which started on State Street in Chicago, was founded during the Civil War by Albert A. Sprague and Ezra J. Warner. By 1909, Sprague, Warner & Company was one of the leading wholesale grocery companies in the United States.  The Sara Lee brand of cakes was named after his daughter.

Product Code: 2104597/F