Vintage Lipton Tea Stand

Product code: 9501/F

Vintage advertisement stand for Lipton iced tea.

Dimensions: 28cm w x 17cm d x 47cm h

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Lipton free standing counter top display stand.  This would sit on the grocery store counter top to increase sales promotion.

At just 16, Thomas Lipton signed up as a cabin boy and ventured to the USA where he held a series of jobs before returning to Scotland to help his parents run their grocery store. Thomas took to the grocery business and one store soon became a chain of stores across Glasgow. One of the products he would sell to his customers was tea, and it wasn’t long before he spotted huge potential in this refreshing brew and bought his first tea estate in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).  He established the Thomas J Lipton Co.® tea packaging company in Hoboken, New Jersey and began to look for ways to make packaging and shipping less expensive.   At this time tea was an expensive product and beyond the working families budget.  Thomas Lipton was the first to start selling tea bags. He was also the first to print brewing instructions on tea bag tags.

Expected sign of use with sticker residue on the front.

Product Code: 9501