American Horse Drawn Buggy Amish Carriage Cart

Product code: 40735/6000

This is a horse drawn buggy from an Amish community in Upstate New York.  Traditional style. Well used.

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You might have thought the technology inside this 1800s method of transportation stopped progressing right around then. Instead, buggy tech keeps advancing, and buggy makers have become electricians and metalworkers to build in all the new tech you can’t see under the traditional black paint.

The main body is fiberglass. It’s pre-manufactured off-site and shipped to Amish builders across the country for finishing. They add aluminium components to areas that see a lot of wear, such as door sills. Everything else is white oak or ash wood framing stretched over with fabric, plusher linings for interior surfaces, and a tough polyester for exterior surfaces, all to save weight.

Back in the ’60s, an Amish man started going through junkyards and getting the old seven-inch VW brakes, salvaging them, repairing them, and cleaning them up, and retrofitting them to buggies. After a while he started getting good castings made. Now all the buggy brakes are manufactured by buggy shops.

Amish buggies roll on either steel or solid rubber tyres, but most use steel. Both are built in-house. The steel-tyre buggy actually pulls easier than a rubber-tire one because of the compression of the rubber, so it’ll be quieter.

Product code: 40735