Vintage Royal Bar-Lock Typewriter

Product code: 9725/F266/450

Royal Bar-Lock Typewriter, manufactured C. 1909.

Dimensions: 38cm w x 39cm d x 45cm h

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Royal Bar-Lock typewriting machine with a black base and black and white keys.

The Royal Bar-Lock typewriter is a truly stunning piece of engineering and rightly deserves its place amongst the most eye catching masterpieces of the typewriter industry, since the beginning of commercial manufacturing of typewriters in 1870’s.

The Columbia Bar-Lock originated in 1889, USA and then production moved to Britain at the beginning of the last century. The typewriter became known as the Royal Bar-Lock and was supplied to the Royal Household.

The originality of this particular typewriter is its design, as the strike keys stop behind the shield with the brass ‘Royal Bar-Lock’ title.

One of the unusual features is the keys are positioned on seven rows. Every symbol and every lower and upper case letter has its own separate key of an octagonal shape and, either black or white in colour.

Product Code: 9725/F266