American Check Writer Machine F&E

Product code: 8920/F274/180

F & E check writing machine.

Dimensions: 25cm w x 26cm d x 22cm h

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, North American businesses were facing a growing problem of the skilled-alteration and outright forgery of their hand-written checks. Mechanical checkwriters work by protecting a check from unauthorized alteration of either the amount or the authorizing signature. They use several methods to do so. These methods may include any combination of:  perforation (or ‘punching’), embossing and debossing, and the imprint of hard to alter coloured-ink filled fields being utilized on the financial instrument.

Two gentlemen, Fesler and Evans, went to buy Herbert Hedman’s business. However, the negotiations brought Fesler and Evans to making an agreement with Mr. Hedman to distribute and service Hedman Manufacturing Company’s machines nationwide. The F & E Check Protector Company was born.

This machine has the key attached.  It works but needs filling with inks.

Product Code: 8920/F274