American Industrial Vintage Light

Product code: 8811/G384

Crouse Hinds metal Light with stand / bracket.  This item has not been rewired.  Original wiring attached.  Original lens intact.

Dimensions: dia 23 cms

Product Code: 8811/G384

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Building a mood board of Industrial Lighting?


This light was manufactured by Crouse Hinds.  Painted green with a large lens.

Crouse-Hinds Electric Company, a manufacturer of high grade electrical specialties, was established in 1897 in Syracuse, New York. They later shortened their name to Crouse-Hinds Company and beginning in the early 1920s specialized in the manufacture of traffic signals, controllers and accessories.  Crouse-Hinds began manufacturing airport and stadium lighting in 1927. They also fabricated searchlights for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Their products include:

  • Lighting Products – Indoor/outdoor lighting equipment, aviation ground lighting, obstruction lighting and lighting poles.
  • Traffic Control Products – Vehicle and pedestrian traffic signals and controls and vehicle detectors.   

The company name remained in use as a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, however, the traffic signal production ended in 1981 .

Product Code: 8811/G384