Fire King Gay Fad Pattern 59 Piece Set

Product code: 20246H/GB2

Gay Fad hand painted milk glass dish. The Set is made up of 59 pieces.

The Set is made up of 59 pieces.

Product Code: 20246H/GB2

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From the Vintage Fire King family, this pattern is Gay Fad.   Fran Taylor who did the designs worked from home from 1938-1945 hand decorating blank pieces she bought from Anchor Hocking and painted her own designs onto them. Gay Fad Studio opened a factory in Lancaster, Ohio, in 1945. The Gay Fad Studio closed in 1962. Hand painted fruit on the long sides. Milk glass open serving dish.  Direct from oven to table.  Because the pieces are hand painted there is a variation in the painting of each one.  There is also some fading of the paint on certain fruits, again due to ageing and use.