Vintage Metal Kitchen Scales

Product code: 6084/G136/100

Vintage American kitchen weighing scales.

Dimensions: 23cm H x 16.5cm W x 15cm D

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Vintage American Hanson Kitchen Weighing Scales

This is a vintage American set of pounds and ounces kitchen weighing scales.

The original and titular Hanson Brothers, Marius and William, first arrived in the States in the late 1880’s. Marius was dabbling wth engines and automobiles when he apparently got the random notion of building a kitchen scale out of sheet metal instead of cast iron, as had been the norm.  In 1888 he sold 300 scales to Wrigleys Gum to giveaway and the kitchen scale business took off. They prided themselves on the quality of the spring in the scales and the quality fine pointer finger. The factory moved to Northbrook Illinois in 1950.

Product Code: 6084/G136