Frozen Margarita Cocktail Machine

Product code: 6229/G164/

Margaritaville electric American frozen drinks mixer. Perfect for American Bar scenes!

Dimensions: 23cm W x 36cm D x 45cm H


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Vintage American Frozen Margaritaville Cocktail Machine

A margarita machine is a margarita dispensing device invented by Mariano Martinez in 1971. It was 1971 and Mariano Martinez had just opened his first restaurant in Dallas, Texas. It was an instant sensation but the consistency of the frozen margarita was a problem during busy times.  So he set about adapting various ice cream and slush makers until he got the results he wanted; a consistent flavour and freeze.

The frozen margarita machine soon became standard equipment in restaurants and bars – exploding the popularity of tequila and early Tex-Mex cuisine both in Texas and nationwide.

Product Code: 6229/G164