Height Adjustable Stools x15

Product code: 8914/G304

We have, 15 stools of these matching stools available.  All came from one of the Laboratories at The State University of New York, Agricultural and Technical College.

Dimensions: seat 39cm x 37cm and height at lowest position 44cm to 67cm at highest position. Total height to back rest 100cm. Foot rest ring 40cm dia.

Product code: 8914/G304

15 in stock

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Laboratory high back stools. These are metal framed stools with wood seats and metal back rests. They have an adjustable seat height of 44 cms to 67 cms. There is a foot rest ring at the base when the seat is in a lower position.  They have a clever mechanism for raising/lowering the seat. You pull it UP to the height you want. To Lower it you pull it ALL THE WAY up and it automatically descends. Simple and elegant!  Most of them still have the instructions below the seat and the University Sticker.