Vintage Pepsi Cola Drinks Cooler

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American Vintage Pepsi Cola  narrow airline cool box.

Vintage American Pepsi single dot cola cooler box. This cooler has stayed with the paler grey colour of earlier boxes but dates after 1950.

The 1906 iteration of the Pepsi-Cola logo made the letters thicker again and condensed the wordmark, making the letters “P” and “C” just a bit taller than the rest of the letters.  The colon or Double Dot was used between Pepsi and Cola.  In 1950 it became a single dot.

After 1930, electric coolers became common in convenience stores, but portable ice-chests thrived among consumers who wanted to transport cold drinks. From soda-pop brands like Royal Crown and Dr. Pepper to beer labels like Budweiser, Schlitz, and Coors, beverage companies found the picnic cooler a perfect way to reinforce their marketing efforts. Soft-drink makers often used bright colours to distinguish their coolers, with red for Coke, blue for Pepsi, yellow for Squirt, and green for 7Up.

Dimensions: 45cm w x 23cm d x 30cm h

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Vintage original American Pepsi cool box.

Product Code: 40376/F114