Vintage Delphos Kerosene Paraffin Can

Product code: 9935/F364/250

Metal Kerosene Can.

Dimensions: 28cm dia  x 40cm h

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American Kerosene can, The new Delphos MFG Co.

Kerosene is a low viscosity oil that has a range of commercial uses. Also known as 28-second oil, paraffin or kero, this pale, yellow or clear fuel oil has a lower viscosity, lower freezing point and higher flash point than gas oil (red diesel).  It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households.

The history began in 1898 when the business was called the Delphos Can Company. In the first few decades of the 1900s, galvanizing kettles were installed Oil and gasoline cans were also made from galvanized steel.

Product Code: 9935/F364