Vintage American Protectoseal Oil Gas Can

Product code: 8810/F368/226

This is a Protectoseal of Chicago gas can.  Given the Underwriters Laboratories seal of approval.  This can  has a funnel attached.

Dimensions: 22cm dia x 40cm h

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Metal oil can in good condition, some dents and sticker residue.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1894 by William Henry Merrill.  Early in his career he was sent by underwriters issuing fire insurance to assess risk, and investigate the World Fair’s Palace of Electricity. In order to determine and mitigate risk, Merrill found it necessary to conduct tests on building materials. Upon seeing a growing potential in his field, Merrill stayed in Chicago to found Underwriters Laboratories.  This quickly became the company to issue a safety certificate.

This Protectoseal 4613 can has the Underwriters Laboratories metal label.

Product Code: 8810/F368