Kendall Cup Grease #3 Can

Product code: 9940/F366/100

Advertisement tin for Kendall grease

Dimensions: 14.5cm dia x 20cm h

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Kendall No3 Medium cup grease tin.

Eli Loomis, William Willis, and Robert Childs  – they had officially funded and founded Bradford’s first refinery in1881.  The company name is derived from what was likely the three men’s favourite fishing spot,
Kendall Creek.  in 1913, Kendall Refining Company became the first producer of motor oil to extend oil change intervals from the average 500 miles, to the greatly improved 2000 miles.

This can had cup grease, used to grease the ball joints and many other deep greasing areas of a car.  Vintage car owners and servicers still prefer this grease.  This can still has about half it’s original contents.

Ideal garage prop.

Product Code: 9940/F366