Vintage Blue Oil Heater

Product code: 8821/G254/

Vintage blue kerosene oil stove heater.

Dimensions: 60cm H x 30cm dia

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Vintage Blue Enamel Perfection Smokeless Oil Stove Heater

Vintage Antique stove or heater with a lovely deep blue enamel body.  Standing on four legs with a carrying handle.

This is the 1913 model #630  All the burner is inside so could be used again.

In 1888 the Cleveland Foundry Company was formed. They manufactured a line of oil lamp stoves, along with many lamp companies. In 1894, the plant started producing portable heaters.  These heaters used the “store lamp” wick that had been standardized by Rochester in 1884. In 1901 Francis Drury approached John D. Rockefeller of Cleveland owner of Standard Oil Company. At the time Standard Oil was delivering kerosene to homes and businesses for use in kerosene lamps. Rockefeller knew that with use of the Drury Stove the demand for this kerosene would increase substantially and it did. Rockerfeller selected the company to design, develop and manufacture for it a complete line of stoves which were to be sold under the name “Perfection” to dealers by a group of 300 Standard Oil salesmen. This arrangement was continued by other oil companies.

Product Code: 8821/G254