Vintage Royal Crown Drinks Cooler

Product code: 40375/F106/450

American Vintage Royal Crown cool box.

Dimensions: 44cm w x 22cm d x 30cm h

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RC Cola (short for Royal Crown Cola) is an American brand of cola invented by Claud A. Hatcher in 1905.  It was originally created for Cole-Hampton-Hatcher Grocery Store as a way to avoid the high cost of purchasing Coca-Cola syrup.

The first product in the Royal Crown line was Royal Crown Ginger Ale in 1905,  followed by Royal Crown Strawberry, and Royal Crown Root Beer. The company was renamed Chero-Cola in 1910, and in 1925 renamed Nehi Corporation after its coloured and flavoured drinks. In 1934, Chero-Cola was reformulated and re-released as Royal Crown Cola.

Vintage American Royal Crown cool box. Perfect bar prop, camper van storage, or something for vintage collectors.

Product Code: 40375/F106