Vintage Rowe Ami Selector Box

Product code: 9478/F104/500

Large music selector box.  The record selection on this box has 60’s flavours, Big Band, Ray Charles and Ray Conniff.

Dimensions: 34cm h x 17cm w x 40cm l

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AMI began in 1909 as the National Automatic Music Company, making automatic player pianos. Having designed a mechanism which allowed music rolls to be selected, this was adapted for use in jukeboxes, the first of which was produced in 1927. The mechanism used was the first that could play both sides of 10 records, allowing 20 selections. Aside from modifications to extend the number of selections, this mechanism was used for the next 30 years. The company was renamed to the Automatic Musical Instrument Company (AMI) after World War II. The Automatic Canteen Company bought AMI in 1962, merging it with its subsidiary ROWE AC Services, a manufacturer of coin operated vending machines. Presently AMI Entertainment is still producing jukeboxes.

A Rowe Ami selector box in good vintage condition with classic musicians on display.

Product Code:  9478