1937 Archer by Genco Pinball Machine

Product code: 9409/F

Archer was produced by Genco Corp. in 1937. It was designed without flippers on the sides, you just fire the ball up and see what points you can score. This machine is in full working condition with old pennies used to play the game. A very rare machine and especially as it working.

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Archer was produced by Genco Corp. in 1937.

Brief history of pinball:

Pinball originated in its modern form in about 1930. Earlier machines had been purely mechanical. The earliest machines with coin slots used marbles and cost a penny to play. Steel balls replaced the marbles.  By the end of 1932, there were approximately 150 companies manufacturing pinball machines, most of them in Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago has been the centre of pinball manufacturing ever since.

Gottlieb’s Humpty Dumpty, introduced in 1947, was the first game to add player-controlled flippers to keep the ball in play longer, adding a skill factor to the game.

The electromechanical relays and scoring reels that drove games in the 1950s and 1960s were replaced in the 1970s with circuit boards and digital displays. The first pinball machine using a microprocessor was Flicker, a prototype made by Bally in 1974.

Product Code: 9409/F