American Reserved Parking Road Sign

Product code: 30114/GB4/175

American Reserved Parking Violators Will Be Towed at Owners Expense for Car 3 Road Sign
Dimensions:  30.5 cms W x 45.5 cms H

Product code: 30114/GB4

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Original single sided sign from the USA . Great display item.

Made from 2 separate signs, bottom red coloured half added on top of original, has some surface marks here and there, as expected from a road sign!

We offer a wide selection of original, and vintage style signs at Tramps, take a look through our Advertising & Signage section for more inspiration.

American road sign colours:

  • A white background indicates a regulatory sign;
  • yellow conveys a general warning message
  • green shows permitted traffic movements or directional guidance;
  • fluorescent yellow/green indicates pedestrian crossings and school zones;
  • orange is used for warning guidance in roadway work zones;
  • coral is used for an incident .

Product code: 30114/GB4