Pilsner Lite Beer Sign Miller American

Product code: 8538/F/350

Important note; All Electrical goods are sold as seen and will need to be re wired to comply with regulations in the intended country of use. The plug will be removed before purchase unless otherwise stated,  item runs on a 110 voltage, so 110 Volt Transformer will be needed to operate this light. Important notice: This item has not been tested. All electrical goods are hired as seen and for decorative use ONLY. Please get in touch if you require this item to work.

Dimensions: 118 cms L x 48 cms H a 8cms D


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Miller Pilsner Lite Beer sign from America.  Found in a bar storeroom still in plastic wrapping.  Thought to be issued in 1978, this logo came into use in 1973. It will light up but needs to run through a transformer at 110v.

Miller Lite was the first successful mainstream light beer in the United States market.  After its first inception as “Gablinger’s Diet Beer”, developed in 1967 by Joseph L. Owades, PhD, a biochemist working for New York’s Rheingold Brewery the recipe was given by Owades to Chicago’s Peter Hand Brewing. That year, Peter Hand Brewing was purchased by a group of investors, renamed Meister Brau Brewing, and Lite was soon introduced as Meister Brau Lite.  Under the new management, Meister Brau Brewing encountered significant financial problems, and in 1972, sold several of its existing labels to Miller. The recipe was relaunched simply as “Lite” on packaging and in advertising.  Miller Lite was introduced nationally in 1975.

Product code: 8538/F