Kool Cigarette Metal Sign

Product code: 8535/F126/185

American Kool Cigarette metal advertisement sign.

Dimensions: 60cm l x 45cm h

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This sign advertises the American cigarette brand Kool, made for displays in shops.

Launched in 1933 by Brown and Williamson as an unfiltered 70-millimeter “regular” cigarette. Kool enjoyed continued success through the 1950s. 

Growing public concern about the health risks associated with smoking prompted Brown and Williamson responded to release filtered varieties of Kool: an 85-millimeter “king-sized” version in the 1960s, followed by a 100-millimeter or “long” version in the 1970s. The 1980s saw the introduction of Kool lights .In the early 1960s, the image of the cartoon penguin was no longer used, and Kool instead began marketing their cigarettes by linking the taste of menthol to outdoor scenes portraying water or snow.

Product Code: 8535/F126/195