Vintage American Wooden RKO Soda Crate

Product code: 40808b/F108/95

Wooden crate for RKO Bottles.

Dimensions: 13cm h x 30cm w x 45cm l

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C&C Group plc (known prior to its flotation as Cantrell & Cochrane Limited) is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of alcoholic drinks, particularly cider, and soft drinks. It has production facilities across Ireland, Great Britain and the United States.  The company was founded by Dr Thomas Cantrell, who opened a shop in Belfast in Ulster in 1852 selling soft drinks; he went into partnership with Alderman Henry Cochrane, thereafter trading as Cantrell & Cochrane Limited .

In  America the company saw a chance to challenge soft-drink giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola with its own C&C Cola. An elaborate marketing scheme was launched in 1955, in connection with the television revival of 740 motion pictures produced by RKO Radio Pictures. C&C Television Corporation reprinted the entire RKO library for nationwide syndication in the United States and included advertising for the soda.. In addition to broadcasting, its other former operations included soft-drink bottling and hotel enterprises.

This crate features a bold red logo for advertisement of the RKO Bottlers brand.

Product Code: 40808b