Choc-Ola Wooden Crate

Product code: 30450/F102/120

American wooden crate for Choc-Ola drinks.

Dimensions: 10cm h x 27cm w x 42cm l

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Vintage Choc-Ola chocolate drink crate. This crate features period typography, which has faded slightly due to the age.

Choc-Ola is an American chocolate beverage that was formulated in the 1940s by Harry Normington, Sr. from Pennsylvania. Normington distributed the beverage through Choc-Ola Bottlers Inc., which he founded in 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Choc-Ola continued to gain popularity throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In 1977, at the height of its success, Harry sold the company to Atlanta-based Moxie Industries. Moxie continued to operate the Indianapolis plant and distribute Choc-Ola in much the same way that Harry Normington had.  Eventually, in 1985, Moxie decided to sell the Choc-Ola business to The Chocolate Group which closed it down in the late 1980’s.

Product Code: 30450/F102