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Vintage Coca Cola Glass Bottles

Product code: 11140/F442/20

Vintage American 26 Fl. Oz. soda coke bottle.

Dimensions: 9cm dia x 30cm h

14 in stock


Original vintage glass coke bottles.

The Root Glass Company of Indiana created the iconic glass Coca‑Cola Contour Bottle in 1915. The Contour Bottle was designed to help Coca‑Cola stand out from other drinks at the time, and the design brief was to ensure that the bottle was recognisable even in the dark, or if it was broke

In 1957, they were printed with a white label featuring both trademarks, CocaCola and Coke (before, the trademark had only been blown in glass lettering on the bottle). This is starting to resemble the Coke bottles we know today.

Product Code: 11140/F442

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