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Coca Cola Motor Boat Soda Fountain Dispenser Vintage ’50s

Product code: 8068/F434/2500

Vintage original Coca Cola, Coke, Motor Boat Soda Fountain Dispenser from the  ’50s

Dimensions:  54 cms tall, 54 cms deep, and approx x 26 cms wide.


These dispensers were Manufactured between 1947 and 1951 By The Dole Valve Company. This model is also known as The Outboard Motor Machine due to Its shape. Coca Cola advises that this machine was Designed By Designer Raymond Loewy giving The Dispenser a modern look and enhancing the equipment to pour more servings per Gallon. The Ads of the time tout the fact that the Improved Machine would also increase profits for the Soda Fountain. When the Dole Deluxe Fountain Dispenser was introduced In 1947, it was an instant classic.

This is in original condition.  There is some paint loss which can be associated with age. There has been no attempt to clean the paintwork.

Product code: 8068/F434

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