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American Cottage Cheese Can

Product code: 81011/F142

Early 20th C Vintage CROWLEY’S CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE navy blue and silver can.

Dimensions: 18cm dia x 19cm h

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Crowley Foods was founded in 1904 by grocery clerk James K. “J.K.” Crowley when he purchased a fledgling dairy business for $500.00 in Poughkeepsie, New York.   His company assets began with a horse and wagon, ice house, barn, some cans and bottles as well as a milk delivery route serving local customers.  In 1915, Crowley moved and expanded his business at Binghamton as the location was closer to numerous dairy farms in upstate New York.  Originally known as Crowley’s Dairy Company, manufacturing and distribution of dairy products began at the facility on Conklin Avenue and would continue there for almost 100 years. A second plant opened at Newburgh, New York in 1921. Retail outlets and other production facilities soon followed.  At its peak, Crowley’s Dairy Company sold their products throughout much of the northeastern United States.  The company was sold in 1983.

Condition is old, vintage and used.  No major damage,  Good prop material.


Product code: 81011/F142


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