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Original Vintage Pepsi Crates

Product code: 1125

Original Authentic vintage Pepsi crates

Dimensions;  46 w x 14 h x 30 d cm

60 in stock


Original vintage wooden Pepsi crates . Most of the crates came from the Pepsi bottling plant in Michigan. Most of these crates date from the early 1980’s. We sourced these from the bottling plant so can vouch for their authenticity. These are not the new version from India.

These wooden soda crates have so many uses and with a rustic vintage look they are great. Originally used throughout the US to distribute Coke-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7UP and many more drink brands some date back to 1970’s and have the original date inside (not all crates are dated). All crates differ slightly as they are all original.

We have a large supply of these vintage crates so no matter if you are looking for hundreds or just a few we can ship them throughout the world no problem.

Each and every crate is slightly different with various levels of wear and tear. These are old, used crates so do keep this in mind.